Ayeesha's Art Class



Hummin bird progression.jpg

'Above all, art should be fun'

 - Alexander Calder

I'm happy to help you fulfil YOUR artistic dreams. I can help you build your observational skills, teach you drawing techniques, demonstrate the different mediums you can use, such as graphite, charcoal, watercolour, acrylic, gouache etc.

Together we can work at creating a unique and original artwork that you feel proud of. I tailor all my classes to suit your interests because i think its best to ‘find something that your passionate about and keep tremendously interested in’ (Julia Child). You will never be short of art ideas the more curious you are. 

My aim is to bring out your inner artist while learning to manage your inner critic. My experience in teaching at a Wine and Sip studio (Cork & Chroma Sydney) means I understand how to help any beginner relax and create. I specialise in teaching Wildlife art, Botanical Illustration, HSC and art tuition and art therapy. 

Please feel welcome to call, text or email me for any questions and to register for a class. Click the link below to register and i’ll get in contact with you soon 🙂

My Studio

Located in Hector St Wollongong, my studio is next to St Mary’s College and walking distance to the beach.  (I just moved to Wollongong so new images will be uploaded very soon)

More about me?

Visit my art/illustration website for examples of my work and previous education. Feel free to follow me on Instagram & Facebook to keep updated with my work (@AyeeshaMcComb)